During the pandemic, the pharmacy has instituted some significant changes to our operating procedures, all aimed at protecting our patients and staff. We have remained open at all times, and with the great forebearance of our staff, and the understanding of our customers, managed to deliver a very high level of service, managing to obtain many scarce and hard to find products throughout the crisis.

We are requesting all patients sanitise their hands on entering and leaving the pharmacy, the former to minimise the chance of them inadvertantly bringing the virus into the pharmacy, the latter, to ensure that if someone else has contaminated the pharmacy, nobody else picks it up. We also request face masks are worn by all customers, as do the staff, and that social distancing is maintained at all times where possible.

We have had to suspend some services during the crisis, but if you have any need for any service, please do speak to us, as we are getting better and better at finding novel ways to deliver services where needed in a safe and efficient way.

We would like to thank all our patients for your continued support during the crisis, we really appreciate, and need your support.