Refill Station

Within our new Eco-Friendly range we have a refill station, allowing you to refill your bottles. You can refill a Faith in Nature bottle you have previously purchased from us, or elsewhere, or you can refill any other bottle, as long as you can open it. (annoyingly some manufacturers not only use plastics that polute, but they make it almost impossible to refill them!). By refilling you will get amazing Faith in Nature product, you will save money, we only charge £1.00 per 100ml, but more importantly to Trevor, is you will save the production and wasting of a plastic bottle.

By refilling at Wraysbury Pharmacy you will minimise the need to travel, less fuel wasted, supporting local community services, and helping to preserve local services for everyone.

Let’s all do what we can, one bottle at a time.

Faith In Nature was founded in 1974 on the belief that natural, ethical, products should be available to everyone.
Growing up in New York, Rivka Rose always had a passion for plants. From growing avocado seeds on her windowsill to studying herbalism, this passion flourished. And, when she moved to Scotland in the early 70s, it became Faith In Nature.
Of course, in 1974 nobody was talking about ‘green’ cosmetics. It wasn’t fashionable, and it wasn’t mainstream. But Rivka was passionate about her beliefs and her products and knocked on doors across the country until she found stockists.
Those beliefs still guide us in everything we do today.
For our customers, we believe that everyone should benefit from what the Earth provides. That’s why we’re passionate about keeping our prices affordable, and using only the best natural ingredients – because only by ensuring that everyone can afford to go natural can we truly make a difference.
In business, we believe in making decisions that put our people and our environment first. That means manufacturing locally, treating people as we’d want to be treated, and being as green as we can in everything we do.
And for the planet, we believe in harnessing the powers of nature, but not harming it in the process. We believe that using naturally derived, cruelty-free, vegan, ingredients is what makes our products work so beautifully.
We are all part of a system, and every one of us has the power to define that system. Our dream is to be part of the one nature intended.
Everything affects everything. Beliefs and Faith. They go hand in hand.